Once upon a time, in a small village obscured by the mountains, there lived an old Craftsman. He worked in a small cozy atelier at the end of the village.

This Craftsman had a strange job. People came to him with their dreams. And his job was to bring them to life.
Some people dreamed of a boat, so Craftsman built them a boat. Others dreamed of a house, so Craftsman built them one.

Now, let’s get one thing straight here. Building a house is a big task, so Craftsman didn’t work alone. He had his Helpers.

And the Craftsman passed on his knowledge to his Helpers.

Now, the dreams of people are very different. Some are from the heart, others from the mind. The Craftsman only accepted the ones from the heart. Why? Because those were the true ones. And they made a world a better place. Mind plays tricks on the people without them knowing it.
It was an art knowing which dreams are which.

So the Craftsman passed on that knowledge also to his Helpers.

Now, great time has passed and Craftsman is no longer there. The village turned into a town, a town into a city.

But Craftsman’s helpers still hold his knowledge and are helping people bring their dreams to life.

Times have changed,
dreams have changed.

But one thing
remains the same:

dreams are real
in Craftsman’s atelier.