The startup plans to plant over a billion trees using drones!

The startup “Flash Forest” from Toronto plans to plant more than a billion trees by 2028 with the help of drones. The fact that motivates scientists and engineers behind this project is the fight against climate change and the consequences it brings, with a strong aim to heal the lungs of our planet.

The World Foundation for Nature estimates that around 7.5 million hectares of forest land are lost globally every year, which means that every minute we lose a forest close to the area of ​​27 football fields! 

So how does it all work? When above a certain location, drones use compressed air to send pods to the ground, firing 120 pods in one minute. When the water reaches them, the seeds begin to germinate. 

In this way, trees are planted as much as 150 times faster, and with this method costs are 10 times smaller than traditional manual planting. 

Flash Forest is the first on the market and the largest drone afforestation company to use UAV hardware, aerial mapping software, automation and biological seed technology to afforest the planet at a rapid pace. 

You can see in detail how the whole process works at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXophqU-rp4&t=20s  and about the company that is the initiator of this extraordinary project here: https://flashforest.ca/who-we-are 


Let’s unite and help our Planet, let’s spread green energy! 

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